The Left-Brained Designer

I’m sure you’ve heard about “Right-Brain” vs. “Left-Brain” thinking and learning. Most folks are dominant with one side or the other, but no one is totally left-brain or totally right-brained. Those who are right-brain dominant tend to focus on images and patterns, are intuitive, and are more likely to free-associate to make connections or lists. Those who are left-brain dominant tend to focus on words, are analytical, detailed and are likely to make logical deductions to accumulate information.

In tackling projects, right-brainers can visualize the whole project completed in their minds before they begin choosing the elements to build it, processing many ideas simultaneously. Left-brainers, on the other hand, process ideas sequentially, step by step, focusing on the details with a high degree of organization.

So, Am I Right-Brained, or Left-Brained?

Artists and creatives are commonly assumed to belong to the right-brain group, and probably most are. But not me. I tend to be left-brain dominant. I come from a family of scientists and engineers, and it rubbed off. Although I hold a graduate degree in design, and spent several years teaching design, I was always highly organized and sequential. Then I earned a computer programming certificate, and the logic of programming made perfect sense to me.

These days, when I work on graphic design projects, I can provide my clients with much more than a pretty final product. I can operate within deadlines that match their corporate schedules. I care about functionalities and processes, and I plan ahead for them. And, as I have a technical background, my most ideal clients are those in high-tech industries, because I think much like them.

How about you? If you’ve been skittish about hiring an “artistic type” because that doesn’t match your own style, look harder. Not all designers are right-brain dominant, and they do great work. Give me a call and let’s talk. You may be surprised at how creative a left-brainer can be!